Kuwaiti Businessman Supports Egyptian Economy with 800 Million Dollars and Jobs for Youth

Sheikh Adel Al-Duwaisry, a Kuwaiti businessman, aims to set up several huge projects in the touristic, agricultural and environmental sectors, in Egypt in the near future. He has put forward a request with the Investment Authority, awaiting approval to launch the fourth largest international health spa in New Cairo.

The projects which Sheikh Adel Al-Duwaisry aims to set up are planned to provide work opportunities for youth and a revaluation of Egyptian currency by supporting the Egyptian economy with an initial investment of 800 million dollars.

The Kuwaiti businessman said in a statement that the projects which he aims to set up on Egyptian soil will not be funded by any local or external banks and are purely Kuwaiti and will be placed to serve the needs of the fellow Egyptian people, adding; "We won't aim to borrow from Egyptian banks at all and we are currently in the process of transferring all our investments from Europe to Egypt."