The United Arab Emirates stock markets continue it's awakening, led by "Emaar" and "Aldar"

The stock market of the U.A.E, was led by the shares of "Emaar" & "Aldar" last Tuesday, and they rose by their general indicators to higher levels at the middle of relative improvement in the level of liquidity which amounted to 560 million A.E.D, in the two markets .

Thus, the markets have continued it's rising for the second day consecutively this week, and achieved new profits of 3.56 Billion A.E.D, during yesterday's session. 

Dubai financial market closed at hight of 0.78% and it rose to 3521.90 points, whereas Abu Dhabi financial papers market, closed at hight of 0.54% and it rose to level 4322.12 points, and the Emirates market indicator closed at hight of 0.489% and it rose to level 4516.12 points of the support which it received from all the sector indicators of the companies. 

During the last two days sessions, the capital markets managed to recover what they lost in the first session this week, that reached to 8 Billion A.E.D.

The investors keep asking if the markets would continue it's rising, at the time they looking forward to pump more of the underlying liquidity after the declining of prices and after the markets have take in the results of the third quarter, so pumping more of liquidity to the markets should re balance it.

The shares trading of 61 company went to 368.61 million shares with value of 559.85 million A.E.D.

The shares prices of 35 company at the high , whereas the shares prices of 18 company have declined, and shares prices of 8 other companies became stable.

"Emaar" share is leading the list of the most trading shares in the two markets with the value of 69.4 million A.E.D. , and the share price has rose to 2.31% and it closed at 6.63 A.E.D, achieving new profits of 15 fils , and "Aldar" share came in the second place with trading of 66.48 million A.E.D, and the shares prices has rose to 4.64% and it closed at 2.48 A.E.D achieving new profits of 11 fils .