Aramco is considering the establishment of a new refining complex in Yanboa

According to resources: that the enormous Aramco (Saudi) is considering the establishment of refining complex in Yanboa costing 20 billion dollars.

The capacity of the new refinery is 400 thousand barrels per-day, and it is set up next to another refinery in yanboa which it is all owned by Aramco,the capacity of it's energy is up to 240 thousand barrels per-day, and it will also feed the petro-chemical complex that would be established.

According to the resources, that it is expected that (Amic Foster Willer) which based in Britain, could win the contract of the engineering and the designing of the project.

Whereas (Amic Foster Willer) has declined to comment while Aramco did not respond to the request for commenting.

One of the resources said that the project plans still on it's early stages and in the case of executions , would be done by 2013.

Aramco is already building a cracking unit which works with Ithan and Neft in the petro-chemicals complex, in collaboration with (Daw chemical) costs about 20 billion dollars.

Last year, Aramco said that it's investmens in the downstream activities will exceed 100 billion dollars over the next decade, and it's refining capacity will up to between 8 and 10 million barrels per-day in the next years. Now the company has a share of five million barrels per-day in refining processes inside and outside the kingdom.