The Saudi Airlines manages to acquire a 50 Airbus agreement

The  Saudi Arabian Airlines managed to sign an agreement acquires  50 of the latest produced Airbus airplanes, as part of it’s ambitious program of transformation and achievement and the strategic plan of 2015-2020, which objects to increase fleet and service in internal sector  in the next 3 years to support the 
internal operations providing more flights regionally and between the internal stations.

The  Saudi Arabian Airlines is going to receive from the IAFC company (an Airbus planes provider) 30 A320 aircrafts which is considered the best –selling model in the world, and 20 A330-300 Regional airliners, making the Saudi Arabian Airlines the first international airline to acquire this model.

Engineer Saleh Bin Nasser Al-Jasser, The general manager of Saudi Arabian Airlines said in a statement considering this agreement,  that the agreement is an important step to support the transformation program and achieve the objectives of the strategic plan of the institution in the next five years, and  these aircraft will help  to implement the priorities of the strategic plan of 2015-2020, particularly in serving  both the  internal and regional flights.

It’s  known that the institution plan is to provide more seat capacity internally and access new international destinations  using more than a hundred new aircraft over five years, given the growth in passenger traffic and the  growing need to keep up with this growth, and  the only way to keep up with this growth is by providing more flights and seats,  And considering the new  A330-300 with its remarkable  wild-bodied aircraft will surely serve the regional high density flights, with its characterized  capacity knuckle down and outstanding  flexibility, while the 30 A320 aircraft will serve the internal flights.

Al-Jasser continued: The Saudi Arabian Airlines managed to have  an early unprecedented scheduled  receipt and  in less than a year The Saudi Arabian Airlines will receive 14 aircraft in 2016, and another 18 aircraft in 2017, and 18 aircraft in 2018, and in less than three years the receipt will be completed and this is considered outstanding in the field of aviation, and this agreement surely is going to be followed by another agreements.
He also stressed that the contribution of the new fleet in the domestic sector service stems from the commitment of Saudi Arabian Airlines national role and its commitment to the provision of services for travelers within the Kingdom, and there is a lot of efforts and work done and a team spirit to make the success of the ambitious program to transform and move forward in achieving all the objectives of the strategic plane of 2015-2020 doubling the number of aircraft, and the number of passengers served and raising the operating efficiency, and the provision of services and the high-quality products. and so far managed to sign 5 new agreements including a scholarship agreement for  5,000 Saudi to study aviation and aircraft maintenance in global companies, in addition to the signing of 2 new agreements of  with a total number of 50 new aircraft to increase seat capacity for domestic flights.