Saudi-Russian discussions to establish 16 nuclear reactor in Saudi Arabia

Prince Mohammed bin Salman finished his visit to Russia with a signing of six High-level cooperation agreements, and discussed the possibilities between the two countries to build and operate 16 nuclear reactors in Saudi Arabia. Prince Mohammed bin Salman, in his meeting with the Russian President Vladimir Putin in St. Petersburg expressed the Saudi determination to build 16 nuclear reactors for peaceful purposes, and wanted Moscow to have the biggest share in the operation of these reactors.

The major global economic issues have dominated the meeting, but the meeting also discussed issues related to the situation in the Middle East, especially the situation in Yemen and Syria and ISIS, after the last escalation of extremists.
The meeting also showed the Saudi Arabian determination to invest in the agricultural field to ensure the provision of the Saudi food security, and the raising interests to find ways to strengthen the partnership between the two countries in educational field, and the possibility of increasing the number of scholarships to Russia to 200% next year. Saudi Arabia signed 6 strategic agreements, an agreement in the field of nuclear energy, and one for a joint committee for military cooperation and a cooperation in the field of space, and some cooperation agreements in several areas, including housing, energy and mutual investment.

Russian experts said that it was an important meeting for the two countries, and will help in strengthening relations between Saudi Arabia and Russia, and submit them to an unprecedented levels, As the arrival of Saudi Arabia's high-level leadership to discuss the agenda of cooperation shows their interest in the development of projects and having joint investments.

Alexander Novak, The Russian Energy Minister said that Saudi Arabia is interested in energy projects, adding that Moscow and Riyadh will resume the work of Joint economic Commission, pointing out that Committee meeting will be held this October. He also stressed that Russia doesn’t seek any replacement in their oil partners, but want to create suitable environment and a room for new partners.

Igor Komarov, The head of the Russian Space Agency said that the industry develops in Saudi Arabia and there are serious ideas for the establishment of spaceports, and Russia have great plans for the development of space infrastructure and the application of scientific projects and any projects related to space, and it would be great for Saudi Arabia to participate. He also explained that there are some serious agreements between Moscow and Riyadh in the field of space exploration and the use of space for peaceful purposes, and there is a long-term cooperation for a joint use of the Russian satellite navigation system GLONASS. He also added that Riyadh is interested in the establishment of its own space program. 

 Saudi Expert say that The Saudi defense minister's visit to Russia is major event. As it has been 3 years since a high-level Saudi delegation visited Moscow, noting that Russia is a major force and it is now considered the key country in lots of Middle East files, especially the Syrian crisis. He said that Saudi-Russian rapprochement comes after the failure of the united states in the middle east and the failure of its strategy to stop ISIS, And he predicts that Russian-Saudi relations will grow close in the next few years, as Russia shows a great presence in the Middle East, and the latest US-Iranian nuclear deal is pushing Saudi Arabia to change its regional and international alliances.