Berkshire Hathaway a company the size of the Saudi Arabian economy !

Al Markaz, the Kuwaiti Financial Center stated that the market value of Berkshire Hathaway Company has reached $ 385 billion, making the revenues of 2014 to $ 194 billion, while the assets of the company exceeded the $ 526 billion. It has been reported that the investment in Berkshire Hathaway company owns over 500 companies listed in Fortune magazine, indicating that after acquisition by Warren Buffett 50 years ago, the company rose by more than 21.6 percent annual growth rate.

Warren Buffett, the President of the Board of Directors, and the head executive, whose management made this huge jump in the company assets. Sat some investment rules like “You have to be afraid when others become greedy, and you have to become greedy when others begin scared”. Also some guides to the shareholders of Berkshire, more like investment principles which emphasizes measuring long-term growth and economic goals in intrinsic value per share, and the purchase of a variety of business cash flow to take advantage of business opportunities during the slowdown periods , making the members of the Board of Directors invest a significant portion to create long-term partnerships value and ensuring that agents are the
main principle and the administration will work to improve the net worth of the company.

Buffett also has linked 98 percent of his own net wealth to the market value of Berkshire Hathaway, and he has been nicknamed by "Oracle of Omaha" proportion to his wisdom regarding investments in the city of Omaha, Nebraska, widing the idea of ​​investment through his annual letters to the shareholders included in Berkshire's annual report, or across the speech that he delivers during the annual meeting of the company's general assembly, attended by tens of thousands of shareholders.

The report also showed that Berkshire Hathaway owns a series of investments in corporate giants, including, for example American Express, and Wales Fargo, and Jaiku, and Coca-Cola, but the essential foundation for the growth of the company over the past fifty years was the confidence of investors in the chairman of the board, noting that the company after Warren Buffett can be transmitted to one of the following tracks:

- Dismantling the company and divided it into smaller segments managed.
- The implementation of the succession plan developed by Warren Buffett, and prove its success.
- The implementation of the succession plan developed by Warren Buffett, and proof its failure.

The cash balance of Berkshire ecseeds $ 63.2 billion, as Berkshire Hathaway adopt the philosophy of growth based on the profits by buying excellent companies at attractive prices. 

The report indicated that there is a huge difference between Berkshire Hathaway and Apple, as Apple focuses mainly on technology, and sells its products directly to consumers all over the world, but Berkshire is a holding group which owns companies, this means that they do not have direct contact with customers, pursuing institutional investors and individual investors and traders in the financial markets, and unlike apple Berkshire Hathaway share prices is not affected by the news more quickly.